About the Districts

Growing our connections, to build a solid platform that will allow our children and young people to be engaged as active global citizens, is a prerequisite at this time of global interconnectivity.

Born out of the Changping District Beijing and Hurunui District sister district relationship, we have a unique opportunity to develop our own way of encouraging our youth to engage with each other and understand that we are one on this planet. Our contribution may be small to the breaking down of barriers and raising awareness to having a better a global understanding, but we have made a start and with ongoing commitment, will ensure the future generations of our districts and those involved in our programmes will have the opportunity to be responsible global citizens in the years to come.

Understanding our differences

Changping District, Beijing, China

Hurunui District, South Island, New Zealand

To understand more about our official sister district relationship please visit our website.

We have made a commitment to our future generations and with the kind and generous support of both the New Zealand Guangdong General Association of Commerce Inc and All Green New Zealand Ltd, we have been able to progress this connection with a dedicated youth website, which focuses on developing cultural understanding and global awareness in both countries.

Both districts acknowledge the support of the New Zealand Guangdong General Association of Commerce Inc and New Zealand All Green Ltd.