The Education Commission of Changping District Beijing has nominated four schools to become partner/sister schools with Hurunui District, this decision has come about due to the number of schools in Changping District Beijing greatly out numbers the schools in the Hurunui District and was deemed to be the fairest way for all the Changping District Schools concerned.

You can follow the four partnered/sister schools projects and collaborations with each on their individual school relationship pages. Just click on the buttons and enjoy the watching these relationship grow and evolve in today’s interconnected world.

We have also created a separate youth collaborations page this shares the combined actions of non-school youth groups who are connecting with their counterparts in Hurunui.

In our gallery section we have created a snapshot of what the typical day in the life of Changping District youth is, this is great opportunity to observe both the differences and similarities between the two districts and how the youth engage at school and in their leisure activities.

Details of participating schools will be coming soon - please check back at another time.